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This is my blog about driving my Ford Focus Electric and my Wife’s Ford C-Max Energy…. enjoy…

My very first car was an “electric car”  a 1960 Chevy Impala with a blown engine.

Dad got it in a trade for repairing a TV set.

It had so much blow-by from being run with no oil (and I did take the spark plugs out) that the starter could move the car easily up and down the driveway and around the back yard.

I spent too much money on cheap lead acid batteries, jumper cables and battery chargers one summer that after I finally burned up the starter motor Dad got rid of it (to the junk yard!) .

I was able to find that I could hook batteries up in parallel it could go twice as far as it would on just one.

And that got me started on electric cars!

The reason electric cars work for me is time

I do not need to schedule time for maintenance (like tune-ups and repairs) that saves me time so I can do other things.

With the Focus I do have tire rotations and cabin filters to replace every 20,000 miles or so but no oil changes, no plugs or plug wires to replace, no O2 sensors to fail, no need to stop at gas stations once every week. That works for me!

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