12v Battery

Ford Focus Electric 12volt Battery

The 12 V battery failed after 2 years and 1 month.

It was a Motorcraft 390 CCA but none of the auto parts stores near me had a replacement for it.

I found one at Batteries Plus that worked, it was a little longer than the old one and has 600 CCA (I don’t need that much for an electric vehicle but it was the closest fit they had) it has a 2 year warranty.

The week before the old one failed I was getting the Yellow Warning’s every trip I made more than a block. I had charged the 12v battery and it seemed to be holding a charge but it was not. The tester looked like it had one cell down or around 10v of power.

Ford was wanting to take apart the hiring harness (that they replaced once before) and “check some things”.

I already had an appointment setup to get it in to Ford but got in the car to go to the store the day before and it went “click click” when I tried to start it and got a text message that the 12v battery was low…

After I replaced the 12v battery I called the Ford dealer back and canceled my appointment.










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