C-Max Tips and Tricks

Ford C-Max Tips and Tricks

EV+ mode: After you drive it awhile (about 11 stops at a charge location) it will remember your stopping points up to 3 places and switch to it as you approach them. It is a mode that will try to use the battery power 1/2 mile out it will raise the accelerator pedal based EV mode threshold, then at 1/8 mile out it will try to use full EV mode.

OK button: I heard this works on the hybrid model….When starting hold the OK button on the left of the steering wheel and start the car. In the left panel you will have the test mode which you can scroll¬†with the up and down arrow keys. It has a lot of interesting information in it. If you haven’t already tried it you might want to check it out. This mode will exit when you shut the car down.

Myfordmobile communications problem: No Update

Fix: Under the glove box is a black cover with two black posts squeeze and pull on the black posts to remove them and pull the tray off the two yellow pins. Locate F67 (second row from the left and third one down) it is a 7.5 amp fuse and use a puller or needle nose pliers to pull it and wait a minute and reinstall it

Phone will not connect: Turn bluetooth off and back on Off, then On.
Press the Phone button > scroll to System Settings > Press OK > scroll to Bluetooth Devices > Press OK > select Off > select On

Charge Problem ?: Charge ring will blink twice and then go blank like it is fully charged but if you check it on the website or in car it is still charging.

FIX: On the website toggle the Value Charge on (then let it sync) and then off (and sync again).

We have had two check engine light problems one was after a software update and as we were getting home, the second was after we had front end work done (got in a fight with a car bumper bouncing down the highway, it won….) when we test drove it ourselves, they claimed at the shop to have test driven the car both times.

FIX: Tell them to do the test drive in EV Later (so the ICE will run to show the check).

The seat heaters work great and do not need the ICE to run (unlike the cabin heater which does need the ICE to run).



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