EV Driving Tips

EV Driving Tips

Think ahead: If I start coasting now that will that light be green when it get to it?

Can I take a bus to work?

Can I move closer to work?

Can I bike to/from work one or more days a week?

Will an electric car be better for me than a hybrid? Do the math: Miles vers charging time.

Hyper-mile 101:

1. Always use the pre-heat or pre-cool feature it will make a difference.

2. Tire inflation. I run mine at 39 psi all around, the harder tires on the EV do not seem to mind. I would recommend that if you do this yourself get a good pressure gauge at your local auto supply store.

3. Take back roads whenever you can. Highway speeds will bring up more air drag on the car, the down side here is more stop lights / stop signs and intersections on the side roads, but that does give me time to improve my breaking regen average (Kinetic Ninja). I like to find routes that have stretches of road that I can engage the cruise control on (flat) and are less than 45 MPH. The FFE does not have an ECO cruise like the C-Max (maybe next  year?) it helps the MPGe in the C-Max by limiting acceleration.

4. Take extra weight out of the car (I get better mileage when I leave the wife at home! Grin) I used to keep my work tools in the car all the time but then realized  that I only use the tools at work so now they stay at work.

5. Follow a Semi, they are my favorite drafting partners, they slow well for intersections they gain momentum going down hills and loose speed going up them but NEVER follow them too closely that is irritating to them and dangerous for you.

6. Drive like an accordion (or a yo-yo): When approaching a stop sign (not stop light) the traffic will stop and go but if you time it right you can stop once and accelerate once.

Cold weather driving:

I hate the FFE heater it just draws too much power.

So I use my Defroster , a small blanket (on my legs), the seat heater and cheap cotton gloves on my morning commutes.

It does seem to work for me (it rarely gets to the teens here in the winter).

Warm weather driving:

The FFE air conditioning system seems pretty efficient….


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