FFE Achievements

Ford Focus Electric Driving Achievements

The  Deity of Distance with an “X” I have not achieved and probably will not …… I will not put it on jacks and idle it for hour’s…

Driving Achievement

25,000 Oil-free Miles
You’ve now driven slightly more than the entire length of the equator! Way to go. And you’ve done it entirely emissions-free.

10,000 Oil-free Miles
Nicely done! You and your EV have now covered 10k miles without ever stopping for gas. The environment thanks you.

5,000 Oil-free Miles
How does it feel? You’ve just crossed the 5k-mile mark and are getting where you need to go, emissions-free.

Make it yours!
You’re not going to let those other drivers ruin your perfectly good driver score. Way to personalize!

Power User
Looks like you just graduated from the University of MyFord Mobile! You know the tools, now go and use them!

Ready to Roll
You have successfully connected a vehicle to your MyFord Mobile account. Have at it!

Ready, Set, GO
Set it and forget it. Your first GO Time is on the calendar. Your EV’s charging schedule revolves around you.

Welcome, your account is all set up. Thanks for joining the EV community.

Value Minded
Way to make the most with your EV. You’ve just set your first Value Charge Profile, good for you and the grid.

Charge Junkie
Charge Now. We get the message. Way to be in control!

ZenMaster (your watt hour per mile)
You’re quite the master. You maintained a Zen state during 10 recent trips on the road.


Impact Achievement

Dollars and Sense

As if driving electric wasn’t enough, you charge when it is better for the electrical grid as well. Behavior like that makes sense, and cents!

Energy-wise and penny-wise

Impressive. You finished a trip using only 250 Wh/Miles. That is pretty darn good.

Brake Master

Impressive. Your Brake Regen scores are tops. You know how to roll (to a stop)!

Impact Milestone: Exercise Ball

Hard to picture how much CO₂ you save, isn’t it? Well, you have already saved at least one bouncy ball worth. Keep going!

Impact Milestone: House

In terms of emissions volume, you’ve now saved the equivalent of a 3-bedroom family home.

Impact Milestone: One Ton of CO2

A ton of impact. Literally a ton of CO₂ saved. Savor this moment.

Impact Milestone: Tractor Trailer

Prepare to be moved: your EV has saved the equivalent of a tractor-trailer in terms of emissions volume.

Impact Milestone: Hot Air Balloon

Ready for a lofty notion? You’ve now saved the equivalent of all the gas in a hot air balloon.

Impact Milestone: Blimp

Ready for a hot insight? You’ve now saved the equivalent of all the gas in a blimp.


Who knows how to properly drive an EV? With over 105 miles on a single charge, the answer is obviously… you.

Score Board

Nicely done. That’s one heck of a driving score! Go share the good news with your friends!


Community Achievement

Brake Banker
Banking the brake, not breaking the bank! You have stretched your braking currency farther than anyone.

Clubbin’ with the Best Brakers

Now you’ve done it…your smooth braking action has elevated your social status, and you’re rubbing elbows with the Top Ten-Best Brake Regen crowd. No pictures please!!

X Deity of Distance  (a #1 score in EV Stretcher?)
You’ve extended your EV range beyond everyone’s expectations – the Laws of Physics bend to your whim and will.

Efficiency through Consistency
You’ve hit the peak of efficiency, achieving an amazing cadence of charging, driving, and regen – you don’t read the owner’s guide…the owner’s guide reads YOU!

 EV Trendsetter (a #1 score in EV Tour Guide)
You’re blazing an EV trail – your fellow EV’ers look at you with amazement and envy.

Kinetic Ninja! (a #1 score in Kinetic Ninja)
You bend like a reed, move in the shadows… Your braking technique for energy recovery is cool, subtle…and with your adept skill, is now the Best.

Out and About
You know the charging landscape better than anyone. 20 charging locations down, thousands more to find!

Renaissance Man
Jack of all trades, master of none? Bananas! You’ve done it all, and done it well. Nice job reaching the Top Ten with your Driver Score.

Running with the Bulls…
You’ve hit ‘best in class’ for single-trip distance – keep the cadence and push the limits!

Smooth…with a capital S-M-O-O-T-H
Your fluid motions: legendary. Your grasp of the space-time continuum: Einstein would be like, SO jealous. Is it any surprise YOU ARE THE BEST at balancing mileage and energy usage? Nah…

Star Player
If driving an EV was a Broadway show, you’d be the star! You have the best Driver Score going.

Top Ten Trailblazer
Yee-Haw!! You’ve just been inducted into the Top Ten-Most Miles club. Keep at it! Take the lead… of this stampede!!

Yo, Easy Glider!
Your stylish driving and braking techniques have paid off – face it, you’re on the Top Ten-Regen Miles list because of your superior re-gifting skills




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