Random Focus Electric Stuff

Random Focus Electric Stuff

My Ford Focus Electric battery holds less energy than is in one gallon of gas (about 2/3 to 3/4 of a gallon) but the FFE gets about 150 mpg!

That’s because electric cars are much more efficient then ICE cars (more than half of the energy burning gas is lost as heat).

I travel about 1700 miles per month (about 10 gallons of eGas) my electricity bill is about $20 higher to charge my car (I do charge at work for free ½ of my commute) my home charging works out to $2.00 per gallon (20/10=2).

So I do save money on fuel costs but the real savings is in not having to use imported oil, low maintenance / repair costs and no emissions.

I know that creating electricity creates emissions but coal and solar produce far less pollution than oil plus you do not need to transport electricity like you do with oil or gas.

I average about 200 wh /mile.

A 30 min charge gives me about:

5 mi with 110 at 15 amp

13 mi with 220v at 25 amp (Sema)

20 mi with 240 at 30 amp (home).

The FFE with a full charge will not coast regen or brake regen until you burn off some of the charge not a big problem… the FFE website will let you stop the charge at a percentage full… you just have to set it for every charge…

It would be nice if you could “set it and forget it” (set it once and it would keep the settings).

The car has no braking regen only coasting regen. All of the regenerative charging to the battery is from coasting and there are no parts on the brakes to do any regenerative battery charging. The “Braking Coach” is calculating how much you are taking away from the coasting regen when it shows you its results.

My biggest disappointment with the car is the MyFordMobile site and lack of service from Ford.

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