— Visor fix

Visor Fix

The  windshield visors on my 2013 FFE do not provide enough coverage.

When coming home in the winter I have an irritating gap between the visor and the little shield behind the rear-view mirror and a gap above the rear-view mirror that causes me to crane my neck to get away from the sunlight.








So I took a piece of cardboard and cut a slot so it would fit on (behind) the rear-view mirror.

I painted it black on the outside and silver on the inside.










It can be removed easily if needed and stored under the front seat.

_______________17 3/4 inches_________________



10 inches






The slot is tapered 3/4in at the bottom 1/2in at the top.

10 inches is a bit long so you could probably shorten it to 6-8 inches.

I think it could go another inch or two wider but it works for me.


I made two before I settled on this one and painted it.


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